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5 Steps For Starting A SEO Strategy!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is thought of by many as being time consuming but at the same time  many realise it can produce top ranking results.

SEO comprises of many strategies whereby the main focus is to optimise a website where the search engine robots can crawl for relevant content and rank the results it finds.

Obviously most individuals and companies want to see their websites ranked on the 1st page of the major search engines. Most want to be ranked in the first 3 listings as being listed here could potentially yield the highest return on investment.

SEO can also be very lucrative because if you are selling products or services and your website gets found by your target audience then potentially this could yield many sales.

Most people want to know just how to create an effective SEO campaign? Below is an overview of the various steps that must be done to optimise a website:

1. When first designing a website, incorporating keywords or search terms in the meta tags is highly important. Creating the website content should be based around creating text or sections of paragraphs that relates to that particular web page. The keywords/key phrases need to be related to the products or services being promoted on that web page and also the website. Basically, it all needs to be congruent.

2. Incorporating graphics into the website is equally important. People who look at your website will many times skip over the text content and be drawn to the images. The search engine robots does not consider images as a content that can be indexed but it can still be indexed by adding keywords on the alt attribute of the image tag.

3. Creating backlinks to other high ranking websites is key. By linking your site to other sites with high page ranks will boost your website’s ranking. The more relevant in content the site your own site links to the better for search engine ranking results.

4. When optimising your website you need to become highly pro-active. Relying on the search engines to provide ranking results alone is not enough. Instead you have to take the lead and promote your site through article writing, blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, social book marking etc. It will be a continuous daily effort!

5. Use analytics to track your results. Many individuals and companies do not adequately undertake this but this is fundamental. You need to know how your site is performing. let’s face it, you may have expended, time, effort and money into optimising your site, so at the very least monitor your site’s performance daily.

These are 5 main starting points for optimising your website which are crucial to getting your SEO off to a good start!

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Kevin John is a leading SEO Strategist and Planner. See more of his articles.