What is Pay Per Click?
The paid search advertisements shown as “Sponsored Links” on the 3 major search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing are known as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. 

PPC is a pricing structure whereby an advertiser pays for an ad each time it is clicked on. This may also be called Cost Per Click (CPC).

PPC is a very effective method of search engine marketing because the advertiser only pays for their ad when a user clicks on it, therefore only paying when a customer is already interested in the ad.

Search engines may offer their own Pay Per Click (PPC) programme or platform. The 3 major search engines all offer this service.

* Google AdWords,

* Yahoo Search Marketing,

* Microsoft adCenter

These services allow an advertiser to run several advertising campaigns within an account, and within a campaign several ad groups, which may in turn contain a whole set of keywords per ad. This means that an advertiser can manage all the different areas of the site they wish to advertise in one account.


Why Pay Per Click?
However large or small your AdWords campaign, outsourcing the day-to-day care of the account to a professional pay per click management company can reap dividends. 

Making the decision to outsource can be a complicated one with the additional cost of enlisting a professional offset against the advantages of taking the task off your own to do list.

If you’re considering hiring a professional pay per click management service, consider the following points:

1. Pay Per Click Management Is Time Saving

A good pay per click manager will save you a considerable amount of time. Especially if your main role involves overseeing other projects and marketing initiatives, pay per click management is a real time saving solution, freeing up your man hours for what you do best. Rather than squeezing in campaign changes when you have a few spare minutes, a professional account manager will be able to allocate the necessary time to optimising and running the campaign, so you enjoy the best possible return on your spend.

2. PPC Account Managers Know Trends

Keeping abreast of changing trends and techniques is as much a part of pay per click management as the hands on budget management, keyword selection and advert copywriting you’re probably used to. As search engines change their requirements – for example the recent landing page loading time consideration introduced by Google – the necessary amendments must be made to the campaign to secure continued performance. Knowing about these changes and being able to action them to the best advantage is all part and parcel of a pay per click management service’s duties.

3. Pay Per Click Management Saves Money

Although there are costs associated with outsourcing your pay per click management, a savvy account manager will be able to save you as much as 40% on wasted clicks and smarter spend. Knowing when and where to shave bids and how to direct budget for the best result is a skill that only the most experienced AdWords managers can leverage fully. Enlisting the help of a skilled manager will help you to cut through the reams of stats and data about click through, bounce rates, impressions and cost per acquisition to appropriate budget efficiently.

Here at SEO Website Advertising we offer a bespoke PPC Management service. Our service has proven to be very successful and at the same time cost effective paid search for our clients. 

Our service is very transparent in that we show our fees up front without any hidden charges.

Most importantly for many of our clients there is no contract.

We also offer tailored packages to suit your budget and requirements, so contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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